2021 Winning Artworks

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2021 Winning Artworks

2021 Contest Topic

Pre-Kinder to Gr12: You are creating an overall picture using one or more shape of circles, triangles and squares. Drawings can be inside the shapes or outside. You may change the size, location and rotation of these shapes, but they must be easily visible.

Winning artworks were choosen based on if the work fits into these categories:

  1. Matches the theme.
  2. Idea and meaning within the picture.
  3. Creativity
  4. Effort and Quality


Colourful Cat

Description:I used circles, triangles, squares and rectangles to bring colour to specific parts of my cat, with different materials and mediums.


Bridge of Circles

Description:My main shape was circles for the picture. See the circles that reflect from the bridge and the dam. The moon is also made with circles. My favorite part is the sailboat because I used very vibrant colors and I like the way it reflects on the water. I used triangles for the mountains and the sailboat.


Fish family in the sea

Description:Happy Fish family swimming in the Sea.

Category Winner

Owl in full moon


She drew a owl sitting in a tree in the night sky with a full moon behind. The full moon being the main circle.
Throughout the owl you will see many shapes- circles, tringles, squares, heart ext. that She used for her eyes and feathers.

She absolutely loves the moon especially the full moon! Her dream is to one day fly( literally ) to the moon

Be Kind & Save The Bees


I drew the earth with wild flowers and a bee who travels the Earth (which is the circle) I drew this bees path as it traveled spreading love all around the world. Be kind.
And without bees we wont have a earth. So be kind & Save the bees.

The Stained Glass Deer

Description:This is a water colour painting that is inspired by stained glass. I decided to make this art piece because I knew stained glass was made with unique shapes and colours that were put together to form art. I decided on painting a deer because from the very beginning I knew I wanted to do something that had animals in it. I quickly decided on a deer because I wanted to make something elegant, yet strong. I wanted to get as close as possible to how stained glass looked using water colour with thick and thin outlines, made with two sharpies. I really enjoyed making this art piece and it was a nice experience for me.

Sewer to the Sea

Description:My artwork is about the connection between the city’s sewer, to the sea that lays beside it. The main shape in my artwork is the circle, which is a sewer cover. Sewer covers are common circles in all city’s that often go unnoticed. I painted an octopus inside a sewer cover, to show that they are interconnected. The message I tried to convey through this piece is the importance of the ocean to the city, and the harm that the pollution from the leftover, untreated sewage, does to this ocean. We can help our seas by being careful what we put down the drain.

Best Effort

Colour Takes Flight

Description:My art piece is inspired by a prism and how different perspectives bring different shapes and colours. I picked the butterfly reflected in the diamond shapes that are the faces of a prism to show the way these ideas and perspectives take flight. The blue background shows the sky symbolizing how there is always room to expand the way you look at things. When we all have a great understanding of each other it creates a rainbow.



This artwork, which I have made is a geometrical composition using basic geometrical shapes i.e. squares, circles, and triangles. The page is divide into multiples and submultiples of the given shapes. The basic driving force which I have used is the golden section and is infilled with patterns inspired by nature.

When I thought of patterns and circles, the first thing that I thought of was mandalas. For the triangle section, I really enjoyed the “How many triangles do you see” problems. I liked overlapping the art of patterns in the past, so I also used that in the square section.

It all came naturally and I did what I felt was right and instinctive.

Brilliant Idea

The Secret Under the Redwood Tree

Description:Underneath the redwood tree there lies a vial. Hidden from the rest of the world, is the Secret Undersea Kingdom. Human eyes wouldn’t be able to see such wonders, but the eyes of an animal are a different story. The circular vial contains the essence of the kingdom itself, if the vial were to be destroyed then so would the ancient lands.The people did not ride in cars, but they mounted sea horses. Within the safety of the protective bubble the castle stays unscathed. Perhaps one day we will find the hidden city under the redwood tree, beneath the twinkling twilight stars.

The Light in the Forest

Description:The enchanted forest had many mythical creatures… it was always hard to spot any though because of the tall, thick trees of the forest. But something weird happened on day, the creatures started disappearing and the trees started to move… A flash of light shined through the trees, in a blink of an eye a shining, clear blue lake flooded the whole forest. The moon had a weird gaze on that day it was yellow like every other day, but it felt like it was trying to tell you something… Suddenly the bright circle of light started to move. The heat in the forest was unimaginable, it felt like your in a boiling teapot. The light became bigger and revealed large buildings that could reach the skies, roads that could go on forever and vehicles were roaming the area. The bright yellow light reflected beautifully on the water. You take a deep breath and say Now, Shall We go on an Adventure?

Preena & Her Pals

Description:In my drawing, Preena and her pals play on a snowy day by the icebergs. I used a circle to make Preena’s body and a smaller circle for her stomach. For Paisley(the one snowboarding) I used rectangles for her striped scarf.

Electro the robot

Description:The rectangle arcade robot, Electro is a hero but he did not know that the buildings are alive! He accidentally crashed into a building. They sent Electro to jail. He was so sorry the buildings talked about it and they accepted his apology so Electro was free!