The Edmonton Chirdrens Art Contest is

Was established in 2016 at Edmonton Valley Zoo on Father’s day with Hanul school, Edmonton Valley Zoo, and the City of Edmonton as main sponsors.

In 2020, Creative Dreamers Foundation joined Children’s Art Contest as a new sponsor to find artistic potential and creativity in Children.

Children/ youth art competition is a rare event especially in Edmonton. We hope to give some motivation and positive challenges to many Children and youth.

Our main goal is to support children and youth who love arts so they can continue to keep their interest in Arts. We hope The Edmonton Children’s art contest can become one of the biggest annual event for children who love arts.

Childrens in the Contest

Every child is born with creative potential. An easy way for children to express themselves is by drawing. Although ability and skills in drawing is important, our main focus is on how creatively one can express their thoughts.
A creative child grows up to be an adult who can think for oneself and take responsibility for one’s choices.

Parent in the Contest
It takes a lot of time and effort to paint what is on one’s mind and feel the warm sunlight and wind outside. This is a place where loving patience comes in. Become a parent who are able to patiently wait for your child until they ask questions to guide them emotionally through this process and give them positive support. Sometimes cheering them and just watching them by their side is the best help one parent can give Jnting.

Creative Dreamers Foundation 

Creative Dreamers Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2020.

Creative Dreamers Foundation holds annual art contest with City of Edmonton and Edmonton Valley Zoo. It provides the opportunity for children to explore their talents and to be recognized for building their self-esteem.

The Creative Dreamers Foundation focuses on finding and supporting potential children by regularly holding art competitions each year.
In addition, the Creative Dreamers Foundation plans other educational competitions to discover children with talents other than art.

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