2023 Winners

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Best Effort: these awards are for students who put a lot of work into their art. We love
students who try hard and we want to recognize them for their tremendous effort.
Congratulations to these young artists!

Best Effort

Ivy Yu
Sophie Yang
Hayden Ho
Adina Ma
Induwara Kathriarachchige
Chloe Ma
Foster mckale

Brilliant Idea : this is awarded to an artist for their very creative idea in combining their
art with the theme. Congratulations to the winners, and we hope you will continue to
nurture your creativity!

Brilliant Idea

Wooseong Kim
Andrew Jaworowskii
Ishika bananda
Luri Lee
Alistair Kim
Parneet Gill
Wynhter Martínez

Best Artistry: Artistry is something we can celebrate apart from any other aspect of
artistic production. These students have demonstrated their artistry in their contest work
and we want to acknowledge it with this award.

Chantal Cruz
Vandita Koli
Jahin Muntaha
Adriana lipuscek
Ethan Adam
Alan Petrec Jugovic
Angela He

The following are special awards from our Sponsors, who want to help our artists to
develop their wonderful abilities. Thank you to our Sponsors for this assistance!

Special Award from our Sponsors

Ella Piche
Arya Piche
Aleya Perron
Kate Mo
Olivia Yuna kim
Cohen Cheng
Aanya Nayar

The Excellent Award: is given to the second-place winners in each category, and
the winners receive a certificate, prize, and a $50 prize money.
There is one winner per age group category, totaling 4 winners.

Excellent Award – Category 1 (K-Gr.1)  Kian Kim
Excellent Award – Category 2 (Gr.2-Gr.4) Arya Perron
Excellent Award – Category 3 (Gr.5 -7) Colton Cheung
Excellent Award – Category 4 (Gr.8-12) Vikram Kolu

The Category Winner is awarded to the first-place winner in each of the four age
groups, and they receive a certificate, a trophy, and a $100 cash prize. There are a
total of four winners.

Category 1 Winner (K-Gr.1)  Jaxson Hidalgo
Category 2 Winner (Gr.2-Gr.4) Jiu Ha
Category 3 Winner (Gr.5 -7) Carly Burgess
Category 4 Winner (Gr.8-12) Shivanya Bananda

We have the Overall Winners. There are a total of three winners, awarded
to artists who demonstrated excellence in areas such as adhering to the theme,
artistic ability, effort, and creativity.
The prizes for the 3rd place winner include a certificate, a trophy, and a cash prize
of $150.
The 2nd place winner receives a certificate, a trophy, and a cash prize of $200.
The 1st place winner is awarded a certificate, a trophy, and a cash prize of $300.

3rd (Overall) Ada Malowski
2nd (Overall) Jonah Jeong
1st (Overall) Rashad Timona