Thank you for participating in our contest!

Available On Dec 18th. 2022 to Jan 15th, 2023

2022 Contest drawing uploading is available!

    Part 1 – Eligibility and Qualification
    1. Eligible participants are children from pre kinder to Grade 12 (at the time of June 1, 2023) who live in Edmonton and surrounding areas.
    2. All participants must fill out and sign the registration and agreement form.
    3. Participant’s information collected by Creative Dreamers Foundation will only be used to contact the contest winners.
    4. All participants must follow the direction of the topic. Topic changes every year.
    5. All artworks must be submitted on time, before 11:59 PM on January 15th, 2023.
    6. Each participant only submit one piece of art work for the contest.
    7. Paper size must be 11” X 15” to 12” X 18”. No smaller than 11” X 14” and no larger than 12” X 18”.
    8. Any medium can be used.
    9. Participants must not copy the work of others. No plagiarism allowed in any form.
    10. Image file format should be either JPG or PNG.
    11. Maximum file size is 2MB.
    12. Only edit allowed for the file is adjusting color to match it to the original work. No other adjustment is allowed.
    13. Scanned image quality may have impact on judging.
    14. The artwork submitted to ‘Children’s Art Contest’ will not be returned and ‘Children’s Art Contest’ will hold rights of all artworks.
    15. Description of the participant’s art work should be written in comment section when art work is submitted. An adult help may come in when putting them in words for younger participants.

    Part 2 – Awards and Awards ceremony
    1. If declared winner cannot be reached by January 19th 2023, the next runner up will be awarded.
    2. Original work should be handed in before the ceremony day. The specific date and the direction will be informed when winner is contacted.
    3. Prizes cannot be exchanged or modified.
    4. There will be 7 winners in total; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from the overall categories and 1 winner from each age category. Also, there will be 8 special winners such as the Brilliant Idea Award, the Best Effort Award.
    5. Age category as follow:
    a. Category 1: Pre Kinder – Grade 1
    b. Category 2: Grade 2 – Grade 4
    c. Category 3: Grade 5 – Grade 7
    d. Category 4: Grade 8 – Grade 12
    6. All winning artworks will be used for promotional purposes. They will be posted on websites of ‘Children’s Art Contest’ and ‘Creative Dreamers Foundation.’
    7. Photos taken during Award ceremony event may also be posted on, and other contest sponsors’ websites.