2020 Winning Artworks

2020 Contest Topic

Pre-Kinder to Gr4: Think of the fun time you had outdoor or at the public city attrations

Gr5 to Gr12: Show us your future city in 30 years from now!

Winning artworks were choosen based on if the work fits into these categories:

  1. Matches the theme.
  2. Idea and meaning within the picture.
  3. Creativity
  4. Effort and Quality


Project WTS

Project WTS stands for world transportation service. It is a machine that resembles a dragon-turtle creature. It has very fluid moments for a machine, it was created in 2049 and began working the next year. WTS is powered by stars, so when it runs out of gas, it sucks star energy to make oxygen, water, and sunlight. The city inside has multiple buildings that can house 10,000,000 people at a time, inside each building their is a floor for neighborhoods and houses, a mall, and all the necessities. Since the Earth suffers from pollution, project WTS comes into play. The fountain is the source of water, the Power plant makes sunlight. If you get bored of your building then just simply move out and pack your things in a moving bus.
These machines rely on the fact that their is no gravity to fly through space, they fly from one station to another for those who want to visit other world transportation services. The stations that the WTS can land on are the only places in space with gravity, the force is strong enough to pull the machines into the stations. The WTS is the perfect place to go if the Earth were to die
but don’t worry the earth isn’t going anywhere WTS is only a backup plan.


Future City

My future city is self sustaining and has two parts – an under-water bubble made of glass that is connected to the mainland above ground. The mainland provides energy to sustain the underwater city through the two main power sources – solar panels and windmills – that are located on the beach and at the top of the island. The mainland is also the main supplier of fruits, veggies,and other food items, including livestock which are grown all over the island. The brown doors throughout the mainland are where the farmers live. There is one red door at the front of the island, which leads to a staircase that takes you to the underwater city. in the city there are many of the facilities found in our present day world, i.e. stores, offices, parking lots, etc. The circles found around the glass of the underwater world are sealed exits for the future vehicles, which are spheres which can be moved in any direction at any speed. The exits are specially made so that no water enters the city. The main idea is to maximize the use of energy and space.


Fun time at the pool

I chose to draw the pool because for the past two years I had lots of learning how to swim at the pool. This year because of Covid I am not able to go for swimming lessons. I added things like a shark, a treasure chest, an electric eel, and a clam because I like to add images to my drawings that I think are funny.

Category Winner

Downtown Edmonton’s Future

In 30 years, I think that Downtown Edmonton will have a drive-thru hotel, roads that twist around buildings, gondola homes, air taxi’s, and a Ferris wheel called the “Edmonton Eye”. I also think that the TELUS House will be rebuilt and have solar panels on its roof.

Future City

This artwork shows what I believe a future city would look like in 30 years. Many people believe that in the future there will be robots and tall buildings and things like that, but in my eyes, it’s different. I believe that in the future our world will become great again with many trees and flowers really capturing the essence of mother nature, people will find ways to live comfortably without hurting the planet. In this artwork, you can see many cool buildings such as aquariums, you can also see cars but instead of the cars being powered by the fuel they are being powered by water. You can see a family sitting in the park, some people walking into or walking out of stores. At last, you can notice that its a nighttime view that’s why there are lights.

Camping In The Great Outdoors!

I decided to draw my picture of my family and I going camping because I miss going camping and we can’t do that this summer because of the pandemic. I miss exploring the other provinces and visiting my extended family.

Lucy The Elephant

The artwork is about one of my closest looks of Lucy the elephant at Valley Zoo, Edmonton.

Best Effort

City in the Year 2050

Welcome to the city of Admontonia, in the year of 2050, where you will find a new transportation system, science and technology, and new products such as the apple 2. In this city, all the public transports and destinations are much shorter and faster with the newest models of the vehicles that are average-priced to get to the destinations. The DNA-structured buildings are the representation of advanced science and technology, where animals and new genes will be tested to mitigate many diseases, and the dangerous consequences of global warning.

There also are the new applications of the 8D, virtual realty, where everything will feel natural. the last stop, is the garbage depo and this where the waste products are all stored and reused, to the energy that we use for transportation. The hand in the middle is the guide map that tells visitors for where to visit.

Again, welcome to Admontonia, and I hope this guide makes your visit more relaxing.

Birthday party

I drew a picture of me and my friends in a birthday party in the backyard, playing with water guns and shooting each other in the head. It was really fun.

My dream in 2050

i made this painting on what it will be like in the year 2050. i drew my self standing on top of my mansion which is made out of diamond and i am looking at my own private tower with a torch. i am also living on the planet Uranus which is surrounded by 27 colorful moon’s.i also have a car which is a BMW. i also drew a motorcycle with wings so it could fly, my motor cycle could go more than speed 960km/h at the background i made it a galaxy theme. i also drew many planets and a satellite at the back. that is how i think my future will be in the year 2050.

Placitum Future (Pleasing Future)

The term “Placitum” means pleasing in Latin; and in Edmontonia, we see nothing but. This thrilling utopia has everything one needs to lead a relaxed life in a busy world, from drones that bring food, robot parents that do anything we desire, and super tubes in the sky that take you to your destination. Not feeling like getting dressed? No problem! The Thorium-powered superbed acts as a means of transport and includes virtual movies, a robot that gets you ready while you gaze at the glamorous city, with new and old landmarks alike.Chat with your hologram friends or let your dog loose with a wireless leash! After visiting the mall and buying solar shoes or anti-dri jackets, take your flying car (or jetpack) home to a deluxe hot tub with water supplied by the hydrodam. This environmentally friendly future uses all renewable energy sources from the sun, wind, and water. Sad your Roomba can only go 40,000 km/h? Take a trip to the Anthony Henday Spaceport and shoot to the stars! (Aliens?). Anything is a possibility in Edmontonia 2050, all you have to do is believe!
This drawing was originally done as a pencil sketch, and the pencil crayon was added after. I attempted to make use of Foreground, Midground, and Background to convey a sense of layers. It took approximately 3 days after the inking. Done on regular drawing paper and HB pencils.

Brilliant Idea

Eco Friendly Cities of the Future

My future city depicts customized coconut shaped homes in a large tree. Not only does it help save the environment, space and resources, it helps financially unstable people as well, as it offers free homes. The rope ladders and coconut like shape will be fun for children and young adults, but disabled and old people can choose to have a home on the ground with ramps and other additions for their comfort in their eco friendly home. The well with an underground river provides fresh and clean water right next to their home. The blue circle that the lady is standing on can glide easily above the ground and offers a variety of shapes, colours and sizes for a means of transportation.

Women Rising

This multimedia art project is an artistic statement showing the power of feminism. At the bottom of the page it shows a current city governed by mostly men and it rises with color, symbolizing diversity and peace. It shows strong women’s faces rising up to a better city with outstanding technology, top grade health care around the world, and a greener environment.

Future ruins

The future was looking bright , with new technology , a handle on most of the major world problems, and a cure for covid-19. But in 2043, radioactive bombs that had been hidden in the ground 5 years a go by a corrupt CEO of a new company made in 2038, were set off all at once, killing off 98% of all of humanity. The remaining 2% were left to fend for them selves. Some formed groups, others traveled on there own. But only 1% of the remaining humans survived the first year, most being under prepared. Fast forward to 2050, and only 100 humans are still alive, with little to no hope of re-population. But nature it starting to grow and heal , and soon, nature will rule the world once again, fully healed from all of the damage that humans caused, starting a new, peaceful world.

Me and My Brother See a Weird Creature at the Zoo

Me and my brother see a weird creature at the zoo at night. It has an elephant trunk, a tiger head, zebra stripes, and a snake tail. We are eating ice cream.